Letter to Marcus Stone

23 February 1864

[Courtesy of the Pierpont Morgan Library]

57 Glo'ster Place, Hyde Park Gardens
Tuesday Twenty Third February 1864

My Dear Marcus

I think the design for the cover, excellent, and do not doubt its coming out to perfection. The slight alteration I am going to suggest, orginates in a business consideration not to be overlooked.

The word "Our" in the title, must be out in the open, like Mutual Friend; making the Title three distinct long lines -- "Our" as big as "Mutual Friend". This will give you too much design at the bottom. I would therefore take out the Dustman, and put the Wegg and Boffin composition (which is capital), in its place. I don't want Mr. Inspector or the Murder Reward bill, because those points are sufficiently indicated in the River at the top. Therefore you can have an indicatiion of the Dustman, in Mr. Inspector's place. Note, that the Dustman's face should be droll, and not horrible. Twemlow's elbow will still go out of the frame as it does now, and the same with Lizzie's skirts on the opposite side. With these changes, work away!

"I have done the St. Andrew Street place, and have made it the last Chapter of the 2nd. No. I will send you a proof when I get it. It is very like, with an imaginary man and an imaginary place in the story.

Affecy always