Editions of Our Mutual Friend Published During Dickens's Lifetime

OUR MUTUAL FRIEND was first issued by Chapman and Hall in 20 monthly parts from May 1864-November 1865. For more on the serial publication of Our Mutual Friend, see Robert Patten's The Composition, Publication, and Reception of Our Mutual Friend.

1864-65: 4 volumes. Leipzig: Bernard Tauchnitz. This edition (in English) was published with copyright for Continental circulation, and contained 20 of the 40 original illustrations. Each of the four volumes contained one book of the novel, and appeared in Germany as the corresponding London serial parts were released.

June 1864-December 1865: Serial appearance in Harper's Monthly. Published from advance proofs purchased directly from Dickens.

1864-65: 5 volumes. Unser Gemeinshaftlicher Freund. Leipzig: J. J. Weber. Translated into German by Marie Scott. With original illustrations.

1865: 2 volumes (appearing in February and November, respectively). London: Chapman and Hall. Textually identical to the monthly parts with illustrations. First British edition.

1865: Single volume. New York: Harper Brothers. First American edition with original illustrations.

1865: Philadelphia: T.B. Peterson and Brothers. With original illustrations.

1866: 4 volumes. Household Edition. New York: Hurd and Houghton. Includes two illustrations by F.O.C. Darley.

1867: Diamond Edition. Boston: Ticknor and Fields. Includes 16 original illustrations by Sol Eytinge Jr.

1867: 2 volumes. Library Edition. London: Chapman and Hall; Boston: Fields, Osgood, and Company.

1868: Cheap Edition. London: Chapman and Hall. Frontispiece by A. Boyd Houghton and engraved by the Dalziel brothers.

[1868]: Charles Dickens Edition. London: Chapman and Hall. Includes 8 of the original Marcus Stone illustrations, and the first appearance of running titles (composed by Dickens), summarizing the action of the novel at the top of every right-hand page. (Second printing, 1869.)